Why Roman Abramovich Has Been Barred From Ever Living In England Finally Revealed

As per the Daily Mail, Roman Abramovich is ‘effectively barred’ from living in the United Kingdom ever again.

The billionaire was barred entry from the UK for years prior to this latest report and has not been spotted at Stamford Bridge for months.

As per the Mail, immigration officials are reportedly under instructions to make it impossible for Mr Abramovich – who owns a £125 million mansion near Kensington Palace – to base himself in the UK.

This news comes after Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny named Abramovich as one of the 35 oligarchs who are ‘key enablers’ of Vladimir Putin’s reign in Russia.

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It is important to note that Chelsea’s owner has never held a UK residency. He might still be allowed to enter the country, but any application for permanent citizenship will likely be disallowed, the report specifies.

Putin declared war on Ukraine today morning, further escalating the situation that has world leaders spooked and running to action.

This news doesn’t affect Chelsea’s day-to-day operations as of now, as Abramovich holds an Israeli passport and has been running the club from outside the country for some time now.

However, should the British government decide to take more stringent measures, such as freezing his assets in the UK, it could spell trouble for the Blues.

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