15 Best Defensive Teams In Europe For 2020-21 Campaign Revealed

The best defensive teams in Europe for the 2020-21 campaign have been revealed as this term is about to come to an end. Here is a look at the 15 best defensive teams in Europe, based on the number of goals they have conceded across the season in their domestic league.

A screenshot of the full list is given below taken from FbRef;

Best Defensive Teams In Europe
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Lille, who are close to winning the Ligue 1 title this season, rank at the top with just 22 goals conceded so far. While La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid rank 2nd in the list and Neighbors Real Madrid just behind them on 3rd to finish up the top 3.

Surprisingly, Arsenal, who are 9th in the Premier League table, are 13th here – with only Chelsea and Manchester City the only English clubs ranked above them.

Meanwhile, Barcelona is ranked 15th, the last club to make an appearance on the list.

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