Chelsea Fans Want The Club To Bring Back Our 2 Legends As Willian Shows Interest Of Coming Back

Chelsea fans have reacted to the beautiful idea of their club legends coming back this summer if the club should sanction the deal. Willian and Eden Hazard are reportedly wanted out of their Arsenal and Real Madrid respectively.

Willian moved to Arsenal just 1 year ago but is now reportedly interested in a return to the Blues. However, Chelsea fans seem a bit split on the issue of bringing back the former star.

Here is how the fans feel about that;

dbrasco via Reddit: “Please tell me there aren’t Willian return rumors. I thought he was going to the MLS.”

4wheelin4christ via Reddit: “Willian and Pedro both would usually score more goals than anyone on the team did this year. Our goal tallys are fucking pathetic.”

Ar Raqib via Tribuna.com: “Too late!!! Had his chance to renew for two years but opted for more money instead! Thanks for the wonderful years spent with CFC. Move on lad.”

Louis Nkumbe Mbong Ewane via Tribuna.com: “We should respect our legends.”

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But the most frustrating ones here are the Arsenal fans, as it is telling from their reactions;

Zen1991 via Reddit: “I mean this would be great and I definitely want him to go but why would Chelsea take him back?”

FudgingEgo via Reddit: “Wait… Willian was a Chelsea agent sent to destroy us from the inside and then return!”

Tito Ojo-Medubi via Tribuna.com: “With his atrocious displays Tuchel would be mad to take him back.”

ArsenalFan via Tribuna.com: “He is a liability to the team. He should pack his bags and leave Arsenal as soon as possible. He is the most useless player I have ever seen at Arsenal in this 21st century.”

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