Petr Cech Finally Breaks Silence On His Painful Retirement From Football

Petr Cech retired in 2019 after playing 14 seasons in the Premier League and being counted among the best in the world during his prime.

Cech has now opened up on his retirement, stating that he thinks he might have been able to play on.

In my case it was my body that told me to stop,” Cech wrote for Chelsea’s official website.

“I played in pain every day for the last two years. It was my ankle and my Achilles. It never went away, and it just got worse, even in normal life.

“I realized the pleasure of being on the pitch, being part of a team, and playing in the best league in the world was keeping me going, but it was the moment to give the body a break.

“If you feel like you can’t enjoy anything because of the pain, it’s time to stop.”

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“I didn’t want it to happen like that. I would rather have decided on my own terms, not because of pain, but it was the right moment for me.

“I avoided the moment where people had to tell me: ‘Please finish, we don’t want to see you on the pitch anymore, it’s a disaster!’.

“After six months of not training and having the load of games and travelling, all my pain disappeared.

“It sometimes makes me think that maybe if I took three months off and let the body heal, I could have kept on playing.”

While Cech was always a pleasure to watch as a player, his work with Chelsea’s current goalkeepers shows that it may have been the right decision to retire and come back to the club he loves after all.

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