Charly Musonda Finally Speaks Up On His Horrific Injury Woes!

Charly Musonda has said he knew something was wrong immediately after getting injured in 2018 while playing against Antwerp.

Already 24, Musonda explained that the chances of him coming back from his ligament injury are slim to none. And his current deal with the Blues runs till 2022.

“I knew something was wrong straight away because I got up and I couldn’t walk,” Charly Musonda told the BBC.

With the initial diagnosis, it was suggested that Musonda would only be out for a couple of months, but when he tried to return, he managed four brief substitute appearances for Vitesse in 2019 but the pain was still there. Charly would ice his knee for hours between training sessions.

Then the star would sought further medical advice.

“The doctors said: ‘If you have a surgery now, you’re going to miss another year. It’s going to be three years of no football so it’s going to be impossible for you to come back’.

“A PCL surgery is not common in football. It’s not like an ACL [anterior cruciate ligament] where you have surgery and in six months you can come back.

“They told me the odds of coming back were like 20%. Of coming back and being at the top level, being able to compete and play for a club like Chelsea, it was slim to none. It was very difficult.

“It’s very difficult to have three years without being able to do what you really love. I would be lying to say that it’s been easy, but I’ve always known that some struggles are worth going through.

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“I feel like a fighter now preparing for a boxing match. It would be an incredible comeback – an incredible story. Every day is part of the journey, every day a step closer to coming back. I’m on the right track.

“I do believe that if I put a run together and I come back, I can play for a good 10 years. I’m still 24 – if I come back in the prime of my career, I can put a run together – that’s my goal.”

It has been over four years now since Charly Musonda was able to play back-to-back games, and he has made just four substitute appearances since that ill-fated tackle.

Meanwhile, Musonda’s contract with the Blues runs till 2022, and him being able to come back and play would be one of the greatest comeback stories in all of the sports.

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