Why Chelsea Attackers Are Not Happy With Thomas Tuchel Right Now Finally Revealed

Thomas Tuchel has had a successful first year in charge of Chelsea, winning the Champions League and leading the team to two other cup finals.

However, all is not well within the Chelsea squad as certain players are unhappy with their manager, as per The Athletic. Here are the most important parts of their recent report which discusses Tuchel’s future and the issues he faces:

Attacking Players Are Not Happy

Romelu Lukaku is the only forward to make his frustrations clear to the public as he told Sky Italia a month ago that he wasn’t happy with the manager’s tactics.

While Tuchel was praised for how he handled the situation, as per The Athletic, Lukaku isn’t the only discontent attacker.

Sources within the club claim that the ‘mood among many of Chelsea’s attackers isn’t good to say the least due to the way Tuchel uses and treats them.’

The situation has grown ‘serious enough’ for some of these players to start considering leaving in the summer.

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The Reason Why It Is Happening

Two main reasons have been mentioned for this mini-fiasco. Primarily, the attackers are not pleased with the ‘inconsistency’ in the starting XI.

Given that Chelsea have a lot of attacking talent, Tuchel has tried different formations and players in the front line and that hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

The report reads: “One source points to this inconsistency, both in terms of selection and in attacking roles, as the primary reason why none of Chelsea’s forwards have been able to build significant rhythm or chemistry on the pitch.”

The second reason is the way Tuchel speaks to his attackers. Reportedly, he is ‘brutal’ in his reviews and a few players are ‘regularly subjected to a barrage of criticism for every wrong decision and missed chance in matches and training.’.

Due to this, a few attackers are ‘second-guessing’ themselves and are afraid to trust their instinct as they don’t want to make the wrong move and face the manager’s wrath.

What Sources Within the Club are Saying

Here is what a source told The Athletic: “Something is not right. This is typical Chelsea. New managers do well then, after 12-18 months, people start getting frustrated with what’s going on.

“Some players are starting to see through a few things. You can’t have one rule for some and different rules for others. Some look at players who are starting, not playing well, and still keeping their place.

“People are going to get more annoyed about it, especially now the Premier League isn’t in touching distance. When everything is still on and going well, you can accept it more.

“Players who are in and out of the side are going to think about whether they need to go somewhere else to play more. The respect for everything he has done is still there, but the bond isn’t as close as it was.”

However, all sources add that the options at Tuchel’s disposal and handling all the dressing room egos is a major task. His job isn’t directly under threat yet but the situation with the attackers does need to improve.

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