Chelsea Fans Rain Heavy Attack On Romelu Lukaku After His Recent Interview Antics

Romelu Lukaku hit out at Thomas Tuchel’s tactics in his Sky Italia interview. The Belgian also admitted he wants to return to Inter in the foreseeable future.

Saying this when Chelsea are struggling in the league and have arguably the most important game of the season in less than three days is simply unprofessional.

And Chelsea fans have slammed Lukaku for his words. Here are some reactions off Twitter.

Dubois: “Closed my eyes after yesterday’s game and really thought it would be the last time December screwed us over.”

LDNFootbalI: “We only want players who want to be here… And that goes for 𝗔𝗡𝗬 player. ‘Play for the badge on the front, and they’ll remember the name on the back.’”

Astrid Wett: “Why would you say that? You’ve been out injured for 2 months and started ONE game since. If it’s true he’s said that sell him, no-one is bigger than the club. Fuming.”

AlexShawESPN: “Hark at Lukaku saying “I will be professional,” when he’s been anything but with that interview. He’s been injured, out of form, not in the side etc and Chelsea have been struggling recently. He always says stuff like this too.”

CHELSEA FAN TV: “If you’re not happy and don’t feel privileged to play for Chelsea Football Club. Please leave. Simple. No player is bigger then the club.”

ConnCFC: “Genuinely thought Lukaku loved Chelsea more than any other club. What an idiot I was man.”

MAH: “I can’t believe what I’m reading with these Lukaku quotes. I’ve backed this man to the hills and it sounds like he can’t even back himself.

“I hope Chelsea & Tuchel are as ruthless as Pep with players. You want to leave, then leave. This ain’t no feeder club.”

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EmenaIo: “Our only hope now is the Newcastle sheikhies buy Inter so they can afford Lukaku.

“No club apart from the one run by Marina is gonna drop £100m on a 28-year-old. Italian clubs can’t even afford half that. It’s an enormous waste of money, and Thomas Tuchel will take the blame.

“The club have to act. Immediately. You cannot undermine the manager like this. This brudda comes into a CL winning side and expects everything to be about him, utter utter nonsense.”

Liam Twomey: “Assuming that nothing has been lost in translation here and aside from the atrocious optics/timing, I’m intrigued to know what system Lukaku thought Tuchel was going to play this season.”

Simon Johnson: “‘I won’t give up, I’ll be professional.’ A professional wouldn’t give an interview like this after missing half the season through injury and illness.

“Poor from Lukaku. At a time when CFC are struggling & need their record buy to show leadership, he adds fuel to the flames.

“Time to back the manager and not the players that don’t want to be at this club. Always easier to out a manager than a bunch of players.

“This player power sh*t needs to stop, had enough of entitlement. If you don’t want to be at Chelsea FC, use the exit door.”

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