Chelsea New Owner Todd Boehly To Sign 3 English Stars This Summer Including Harry Maguire

Former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has made a wild prediction of how Chelsea’s summer transfer window will go in his latest blog.

The Blues finally have a new owner in American Todd Boehly and reports suggest he will sanction ‘heavy investment’ when the takeover is officially complete.

Now according to Richard Keys, Chelsea could be making three massive English signings this summer.

He writes: “Here’s one to keep an eye on. What I’m about to say will be met with the usual rebuttals – big how many times have we been proved right in this blog?

“I keep hearing Chelsea want to go again – and build an English spine through their team. The new owners will want to make a statement and this might just be it.”

Now, who are the English Stars he’s talking about?

1. Harry Maguire

First up, is Harry Maguire.

“They need a center-back. Harry Maguire? What would he cost? £40/50 million? I’m pretty sure he’d jump at the chance of a new start,” Keys said.

2. Declan Rice

Next is the slightly more realistic signing of former Chelsea academy player, Declan Rice.

“The obvious one in midfield would be Rice. Kante has all but run himself to a standstill. Rice would be a perfect replacement. Would West Ham sell? Of course, they will if the money is right. I’d give you £150m for him all day long. If Rice pushes hard it might not take that much,” Keys added

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3. Harry Kane

But the best came next. Which English striker could Chelsea sign? Tottenham’s Harry Kane, of course…

“So who do they go for upfront? Tuchel wants rid of Lukaku – that’s pretty obvious. But to where? Who’s got the most out of him during his career? Correct – the guy at Tottenham. So if Conte can be persuaded to stay – and he fancied working with Lukaku again – what could Spurs do to get him? They wouldn’t want to pay anything like Chelsea did for him. So – what about a player exchange? Two players worth £50m a-piece? An English spine at Chelsea I said. So Son or Kulusevski wouldn’t interest them at The Bridge. That leaves one option. Yep. England’s No 9. Let’s see,” Keys explained

Meanwhile, Keys knows how unrealistic his prediction is but claims ‘he keeps hearing it’ so shared it with us, lucky people.

“A modern transfer is difficult enough – but three of that size in one summer would be incredible. I keep hearing it though – which is why I’ve shared it with you,” he concluded.


If the unthinkable really does happen, Chelsea would have a pretty ridiculous XI. So, we thought we’d humor Keys for just a few minutes and work out how they would line up if Keys is actually right.

Chelsea’s XI if Keys is right

Chelsea New Owner Todd Boehly To Sign 3 English Stars

At this point, we just keep our hands crossed and look forward to how things evolve.

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