Surprising Chelsea Star That Stood Out In Manchester City Defeat Finally Revealed

Malang Sarr has managed to impress plenty of Chelsea fans in the 1-0 defeat at Manchester City.

Here are some of the best reactions to his solid defensive outing.

“Amid the disappointment in the Chelsea camp, think Sarr emerged as one of the positives. The toughest game he has been involved in so far and he did well.”

“Decent defending. Man gave 110% tho, for that credit, unlike the idiots up front.”

“When he first started playing for us, he looked like a liability. It really goes to show how great of an actual coach Tuchel is. Players generally get better under him.”

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“Malang Sarr is solid fam. Alonso is the problem. He’s making him look bad.”

“Only positive for me today is the progress of Malang Sarr. 3rd most touches in the game and most for any Chelsea player. Great defensively and sensible on the ball. Turning into a player.”

“He’s improved a lot. Really like his physicality and aggression. Promising signs.”

“Wasn’t a fan of Sarr tbh, since Tottenham he’s been amazing. GO ON SON.”

Malang Sarr contributed to Chelsea’s defensive play enormously, recording 10 defensive actions, including 4 interceptions and 3 tackles.

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