Chelsea’s Best Manager In The Abramovich Era Finally Named As It Comes To An End

As Roman Abramovich’s time as Chelsea owner seems to be coming to an end, some Chelsea fans has given their opinions on who they felt was the best manager during this time.

The two names that were seen the most were Thomas Tuchel and Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho won 3 Premier League titles, 3 League Cups, and an FA Cup in his time at Chelsea. Fans spoke about him severing ties each time he left the club and that left a bad taste in their mouth. What is inarguable though, is that he had a fiery passion for the club and was crucial to kickstarting Abramovich’s successful reign.

orunduyi olumide: “I would have mentioned Jose morinho but he ruined his relationships with Roman twice.”

okeke Masti: “my opinion, Jose Mourinho is the best coach Chelsea Fc has ever had because he was the reason why Chelsea is what it is today”

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Tuchel has come into a Chelsea side that seemed to be underperforming with Lampard in charge. He took the Blues almost instantly to the Champions League final and won. They have since gone on to lift the Super Cup and Club World Cup as well.

zoe frequency: “Tuchel… tactics spot on and highly sophisticated, media presence and communication very impressive”

While it still remains to see how many trophies Tuchel would have won by the end of his time at Chelsea, for now Jose’s 3 Prem titles keep him just ahead of Tuchel.

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