Kovacic In, Jorginho Out: Chelsea’s Ultimate XI Vs Man City Revealed!

Chelsea will face off with Man City in the 2020-21 Champions League final in Porto in less than 10 hours from now.

As a result, the global Chelsea community wants Thomas Tuchel to line up against Manchester City in the Champions League final on Saturday night based on the 2 starting XI options revealed a day ago for the fans across the world to choose from.

According to one fan, a fact worthy to consider; “Option 1 hasn’t lost a game. Go check it out. That team that defeated Real Madrid in the semifinal at Stamford Bridge.”

Another argues that Jorginho’s recent displays don’t deserve to grant him a start in this big game; “Would you really start Jorginho after his last 4 performances?” he questions.

The same argument came from another fan, who chose Option 1 but would trade Jorginho for Kovacic; “Option 1 but kindly drop Jorginho and play Kovacic instead. Good luck lads, Come on you Blues.”

The final person we reviewed here also concurred with the rest, saying; “Kai has to play this game and Pulisic has been weirdly off lately so option 1 but with Kova.”

So we present to you the widely chosen starting XI against Manchester City today by the global Chelsea community.

Starting XI: Mendy, Rudiger, Silva, Azpilicueta, Chilwell, James, Kovacic, Kante, Werner, Mount, Havertz.

Would you still change anything??

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