Christian Pulisic Compared To Cristiano Ronaldo In One Key Aspect

Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic has had a bit of a mixed bag last season with the American careening through wildly different patches of form in a short amount of time.

However, his quality remains to be seen for all those that follow him, and u/posXII on Reddit, in particular, has likened him to one of the greatest ever in Cristiano Ronaldo;

The Reddit user wrote: “Watch him in big games for the US, and even Chelsea.

“It’s a lot like Ronaldo, but with a bit less… polish? The way he stepped up to take the penalty vs Mexico, and the subsequent celebration was very Ronaldo-like, and while Pulisic seems to have his fun and joking moments.

“Every report I’ve heard about him, is that he takes training very seriously (a very Ronaldo trait).

“They are completely different players, but TBH, if your mental game gets compared to Ronaldo, you honestly are doing more things right than wrong.”

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Christiano Pulisic, meanwhile, does have a knack for stepping up in the big moments but if he is going to fulfill his potential at Chelsea, the 22-year-old American has to start living a dream soon.

Moreover, a goal in the opening friendly will do wonders for his confidence and he needs to keep that level of progress up as pre-season carries on.

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