Cristiano Ronaldo to Join Real Madrid again as Zidane bids for the Juventus Star

It is now becoming more glaring that there could be a reunion for Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid with many speculating that it may come much sooner than expected.

With just about 12 months to play for the Turin side, there are reports that the Blancos boss Zinedine Zidane has an eye on the 36 years five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Earlier on Zidane had admitted that he’s been and has remained a big fan of the Portuguese star. Maybe that explains why he does not want to react to the rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo’s move back to Real Madrid.

As of the time of writing this post, no one from both parties has said anything to debunk the reports, this may change in the future but that is less likely to occur.

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About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Move to Real Madrid, here is what Zidane had to say during an interview

In the words of Zinedine Zidane:

“You know what he is, what he has done and how much love we have for him.

“He made history here, he’s magnificent.

“Now, he is a Juve player and I cannot tell you anything about what they (media) are saying. He’s a Juve player and I have to respect these things.”

Alright, over aside from that;

Recall that Ronaldo joined Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018 after an impressive nine-year term at the Santiago Bernabeu where he made a total of 438 appearances and scoring 450 goals, a historic record indeed.

During his time with the Blancos, he led the club to two La Liga titles, four Champions League crowns and three Club World Cup wins. This can as well be tagged the most successful nine-year term for the world’s best player.

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