David de Gea Told He’s Not Among The Best Goalkeepers In The World After Spain Snub

Zach Lowy, a journalist for talkSPORT has flat out denied that David De Gea is close to being the best goalkeeper right now.

Once news broke of the Manchester United star’s exclusion from the Spain squad, MEN journalist Samuel Luckhurst condemned the move.

Luckhurst tweeted: “No De Gea in the Spain squad is more perverse than no Sancho in the England squad. Spain’s best goalie by a distance.”

In response, Lowy wrote: “‘De Gea is Spain’s best goalie by a distance’ is only true if you analyze football by FIFA ratings and not by actually watching games.

“Luis Enrique and just about everyone else can see it, apart from the Utd fans who are blinded by their nostalgia and clueless agendas.”

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“De Gea is not anywhere near the best goalkeeper in the world. He’s not even the best goalkeeper amongst Spanish players.

“The sooner United realize they’re paying a premium rate for a goalkeeper who continues to let the team down, the better.”

Lowy also added: “Don’t get me wrong, Harry Maguire has been EMBARRASSING this season but some fans blame him for just about every single thing that goes wrong, but when De Gea can’t even come off his line to make a save, they turn into Sandra Bullock in Bird Box.”

Lowy’s sentiments were echoed by some United fans as well, who claim that De Gea’s not technically sound, unlike other modern keepers.

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