DeSantis Appoints 3 Insurance Defense Attorneys as Workers’ Comp Judges


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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has appointed three insurance attorneys to the workers’ compensation bench.

  • Jacobs (Linkedin)

    Jill Jacobs has worked as a deputy city attorney in Palm Beach for the past seven years, handling numerous claims for workers ’compensation from city workers. Prior to that, she had been practicing privately for 25 years. According to her website in Linkedin, she is a certified employee competency attorney who has dealt with complex catastrophic claims. Jacobs, who received a law degree from the University of Miami, will take one of the vacancies in the compensation judge’s office in Orlando, DeSantis’s office said Friday.

  • Sancheri (Facebook)

    Also vacant in Orlando is Lourdes Sanseri of Gainesville. Since 2013, she has worked for Moore, Ingram, Johnson & Steele, a law firm with offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and three other states. Prior to that, she worked for McConnaughhay, Duffy & Coonrod, one of the largest computer security firms in the state. Sancheri received a law degree from the University of Florida.

  • Right (Linkedin)

    Barbara Case of North Palm Beach has been engaged in private practice for several years, primarily dealing with the protection of workers, from mediation to appeal. It will occupy an open space in the West Palm Beach office.

Lawyers were three of several nominated to the state court commission. They are appointed for a four-year term.

The new judges are entering a jurisdiction court that is undergoing a minor reorganization, including raising lawyers ’salaries. This year, the legislature, after several years of unsuccessful attempts, approved a salary increase of as much as 24% for the judges of the camp, bringing them in line with the judges of the district courts.

Lawmakers also abolished the requirement that the Office of Judges for Compensation Claims retain 17 state counties and 31 judges, allowing consolidation of some district offices. Mediators will also no longer be appointed for specific judges, but will be appointed nationwide and may hold meetings remotely via videoconference, according to the OJCC.

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