Whether Edinson Cavani Can Give Up Man United No. 7 Shirt For Ronaldo Revealed

Ever since Manchester United reached an official agreement to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, fans have been wondering what shirt number he could wear.

It wouldn’t be CR7 without the iconic No.7 number but at present, that belongs to Edinson Cavani.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of speculation about whether Cavani should hand over the number to Ronaldo or not – but it appears Premier League rules won’t allow it. Once the club submits a squad list with numbers allocated, they cannot be changed during the season.

As quoted by The Metro, Section M of the rule book for players’ identification states: “Before the commencement of each season each club shall allocate a different shirt number to each member of its first-team squad. A club shall likewise allocate a shirt number to any player joining its first-team squad during the season.

“While he remains with the club, a player will retain his shirt number throughout the season for which it is allocated. Upon a player leaving a club the shirt number allocated to him may be re-allocated.”

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Therefore, unless Cavani leaves the club, it’s unlikely that Ronaldo could simply be handed the No.7 shirt – even if the Uruguayan striker is willing to give it up.

It remains to be seen if United will make a special request for an exception this time.

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