Ex-Liverpool Defender Blasts Cristiano Ronaldo For Everton Phone Incident Despite His Apology

Former Liverpool full-back Jose Enrique has launched a scathing attack on Cristiano Ronaldo for allegedly breaking a child’s phone last week.

The Spaniard wrote on Twitter: “I always said it. Don’t like Ronaldo, he believes he is God and can do whatever he wants.

“That doesn’t take [away from the fact] that he’s been one of the best players in the history of football, but as a person, I don’t like him.”

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A mother has claimed that Ronaldo smashed a phone out of her son’s head following Manchester United’s 1–0 defeat away at Everton on Saturday.

Cristiano issued an apology on social media on the same day but Sarah Kelly — the woman in question — refused to accept it and called it ‘really rude’.

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