Fans Name 2 Players Chelsea Must Sell In The Summer To Fund Signing Of New Strikers

It has been mentioned by The Athletic that a couple of attackers are looking to leave Chelsea as they are unhappy with the situation at hand.

Matt Law also added that to finance a move for a new attacker, Chelsea will have to sell one or two of their current forwards.

As a result, Chelsea fans online have shared their opinions on which forwards the club should sell to fund the signing of new attackers. Here are some of their responses;

Hakim Bond: “Lukaku and Pulisic.”

Juwon Reis: “its better to sell Lukaku very fast. He is nothing better than Giroud or Abraham, who we let go.

Terry Miller: “Sell Lukaku, he is the only one holding Chelsea back.”

Gani Joel: “Lukaku and Pulisic”

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Tanish Sanghvi: “Tough question. On current form, it’s hard to see beyond Lukaku and Pulisic/Ziyech. Ziyech is older but has played well lately, Pulisic is younger but shows no signs of improving or finding his old form. Lukaku just doesn’t seem like a Chelsea player right now.”

Raine Jones: “Pulisic has been playing every position but his preferred one. He’s also been injured a lot, and even though that’s not the player’s fault it’s also not the club’s fault. He has more to offer going forward than Werner or Ziyech for me, plus he’s younger.”

chelseafan1627926961916502226: “Pulisic is good but unfortunately he’s bad business. you can’t play 5 matches and remain injured for 10 games and keep earning a salary, season in season out. For economic reasons, Pulisic should be sold. it’s unfortunate, but more realistic for the club.”

Yudha Oware: “Pulisic, Ziyech, or Lukaku. I’d like to give Lukaku time but idk, not sold on him. The others, they must improve fast, or sell them. This is business, no emotions.”

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