Former Man City Player Blasts Cristiano Ronaldo, Asking Him To ‘Keep His Mouth Shut’ At United

In what can be best described as a ridiculous rant, former Manchester City player – and talkSPORT pundit – Trevor Sinclair has gone all out to blast Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I’m starting to think that Manchester City dodged a bullet by not signing Cristiano, I really think that,” he told talkSPORT.

“You look at some of the players that are struggling for form at Manchester United, young players, [Jadon] Sancho, [Marcus] Rashford, they’re really struggling for good performances.

“Course you can [blame Ronaldo for that]. Know your role, know your role. You’re a footballer, you’re hired by the football club.

“Keep your mouth shut because at times that’s the best thing to do. He’s causing a lot of problems at the football club.

“Not just his lack of goals in recent times, but the fact that Ole’s [Gunnar Solskjaer] gone and Michael [Carrick] went in and dropped him for a game.”

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Sinclair continued: “I just feel it’s been one of those signings where it looked good, but it’s far from good.

“For me, one of the reasons I think he may not have considered Manchester City, and it’s certainly not winning trophies because he would have won a lot of silverware there.

“I think it’s because he didn’t want to be second fiddle to Pep [Guardiola]. Whereas he could go into Manchester United, he could almost feel like he could bully Ole.

“And I think he just want to do what he wants for him and it’s not the best for the club.”

Sinclair can say what he wants but Ronaldo is still our highest scorer this season, with 14 goals across competitions.

That’s certainly not on par with his standards but to suggest he’s causing more ‘problems’ at the club is preposterous.

The Red Devils’ problems are so deep-rooted, it’s bigger than one player or manager. And the sooner we realise that, the better.

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