Frank Lampard Gives His Verdict On Mason Mount As A Chelsea Leader!

The former Chelsea boss believes Mason Mount deserves to win the Chelsea’s Player of the Year award for his immense performances this season.

Lampard also insists that irrespective of any managerial changes at Chelsea, Mount will take them on board and make himself a better player going forward.

Speaking about Mason Mount’s performances for Chelsea this season, Frank Lampard told The Telegraph: “I definitely made him captain that day (against Luton Town) because I’ve seen his leadership qualities develop, particularly this season.

“His form was developing this season, he’s Chelsea Player of the Year and rightly so because his individual performances have been immense particularly for someone of his age.

“But I saw his leadership skills in his personality developing this season and I’ve always seen it in Mason because there’s a sternness about Mason, there’s a toughness about him. He’s a great lad, not always the most vocal but this year he’s starting to be a bit more vocal and he started just to ooze those qualities.

“So I made him captain for that and I saw him as a future Chelsea captain. That’s obviously other people’s decisions now.”

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“I don’t know how he was with Tuchel, but I remember every time I didn’t play Mason, people say it wasn’t that much and it wasn’t much, but his eyes were burning you in the meeting room the minute I didn’t pick him and that’s a 20-year-old kid.

“I liked that because it reminded me of myself, I would have been the same. I know the dedication he’s got. It’s a good thing, you want players that have that because he’s a great kid as well and the reason he’s continued to flourish with Tuchel is because he’s a manager’s dream.

“Whatever information, a new manager comes in, ‘here’s a change of formation Mason, this is what I want from you Mason’. It might look slightly different to the last manager, but he will take it on board and in the grand scheme he will just make himself better.”

Mason Mount recently won Chelsea’s fans Player of the Year award for his impressive performances this season. Both under Frank Lampard and Thomas Tuchel, the 22-year-old has excelled at Stamford Bridge this season and has been one of Chelsea’s most prolific players with 9 goals and 8 assists in all competitions.

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