Frank Lampard Finally Reveals How He Feels Watching Chelsea Lift The Champions League

During England’s Euro 2020 opener against Croatia, former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard was on punditry duty on BBC for the first time since his sacking from Chelsea – and naturally, this subject was raised in the studio.

The gaffer was asked whether he had mixed emotions while watching Chelsea in the Champions League final, Frank Lampard admitted: “Yeah. When you work towards something, you want to be there, you want to be the manager.

“I am never going to try and lay claim on that. I was part of the early foundation potentially but Thomas did a fantastic job getting them there.

“I will say, that when I watched it, first I am a Chelsea person and Chelsea fans are happy and the club deserves that.

“Secondly, to see Mason [Mount] and Reece James perform at that level, people like [Edouard] Mendy, [Ben] Chilwell, and Thiago [Silva], who came in during my time there, makes me pretty proud. But it was a great achievement by them and very well managed.”

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The Englishman was fired after he led the Blues to the top place in the group stage. Although only few people could have predicted that Chelsea would lift the Champions League title in less than five months.

Frank is right, though, that the players that he helped to establish in the first team were crucial to the success, so he might be given a bit of credit for that, too.

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