Frank Lampard Reveals He Thought Mason Mount Absolutely Everything He Does!

For everyone who knows how it started, Mason Mount’s rise to the top has been sensational, and no one can claim that Frank Lampard did not have a part to play in it.

Now when asked by ex-Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand whether Mount’s “all-around” game was something that comes naturally or has been taught, the former Chelsea boss joked (via BBC): “I taught him it! When he came to Derby he couldn’t do anything!”

Then on a more serious note, Lampard added: “He’s got the intelligence. He knows the right runs to go, he has the work ethic. He will run all day and give everything.

“That’s why, when you’re playing that midfield, he has to play in this team. He’s the best-attacking midfielder in terms of pressing and jumping from midfield to win the ball back.”

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Interestingly, during Mount’s post-match interview after England’s win over Croatia, he was told about his former manager’s comments. The 22-year-old Englishman replied with a big grin: “Thanks to him!”


Yes, you just love to see this respect and banter between master and student – moreover, if Mount becomes half as good as Lampard was during his prime, even that would be a massive treat for the fans!

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