Fully Funded Sports Scholarships for African Youths – Apply Here For Free!

Good news! European countries now offer fully funded sports scholarships for African youths to help them build their career in sports as well as foster their education.

This is a stream of hope for African youths and sports enthusiasts, it is an opportunity for young talents to explore the world and enjoy the company of their fellow youths all over the world as they stand the chance to make the most of their careers.

The European fully funded sports scholarships for African youths are the media of shaping young talents into professional athletes. It comes with academic tuition fees and football academy training in select top European sports academies.

Students on scholarships stand a chance of being signed to play professional football for top European clubs if they meet up with the required academic and sports criteria which hovers around excellence in the fields mentioned.

Application for the scholarships is open to eligible students who are open to exploring new alternatives to achieve their dreams, interested applicants can go through the link below to submit their applications to appropriate channels.

Benefits of Fully Funded Sports Scholarships

  • Students under scholarships have access to good physiotherapy sessions and mentoring.
  • There is opportunity to meet top football managers and sports experts.
  • Scholarships covers mentoring and fitness support.
  • Scholarships includes health insurance necessary for sports development.
  • Access to world-class training facilities and a conducive environment.
  • Workshops and seminars are also organized to expose athletes to sports rudiments and management aspects as well.

Application Criteria for International Students

Interested applicants must adhere to the applicable eligibility criteria below in order to qualify for the international fully funded scholarships.

The eligibility criteria are not only limited to the details provided on this website, but it is also subject to change and will be updated regularly. It is necessary that all applicants keep checking on the website for recent updates and news releases all through the application and waiting period.

  • Application is only open to students for first year admission except in special cases which is specified in the application link below.
  • Applicants must show both on and off pitch outstanding performances.
  • Applicants from High School for available soccer scholarships must show proof of High School Diploma, especially for USA soccer scholarships.
  • Applicants for professional football scholarships in Europe are required to have an average 2.5 CGPA , it must be attached to the application.

How to Apply for the Fully Funded Sports Scholarships

Eligible students can apply for the fully funded sports scholarships by following the application processes as specified below. However, applicants should only focus on the scholarships that are open and available to their regions.

There are different categories of free sports scholarships available in different countries. Applicants are to take note and apply for the one that is specifically available, you can check the list of available free scholarships to ascertain the one that is suitable for you.

Free Application Links for Sports Scholarships

Application is ongoing and students interested in securing free sports scholarships especially in football and other sports can apply below.

New Castle University Sports Scholarship

New Castle University offers fully funded sports scholarships to international students. The scholarship also includes football and health insurance exclusively for Masters’s students. Interested candidates can apply now.

New Castle Sports Scholarship application

Fully Funded Sports Scholarships for African Youths

All applicants for fully funded sports scholarships for international students for soccer are to check for relevant updates and news regarding their application regularly.

Candidates should visit the application websites for more information.

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