How Hakim Ziyech Can Flourish At Chelsea Explained By Ambitious Fans

Hakim Ziyech has not played a lot under Thomas Tuchel and concerned Chelsea supporters have explained that the best version of the winger cannot be used in a 3-4-3 formation.

The Moroccan has not been the world-class player that Chelsea fans had hoped he would be. Ziyech has made only 17 Premier League appearances this season, being involved in just 4 goals.

Meanwhile, he has seen a limited game time since Thomas Tuchel arrived in January, and fans are wondering if he will be involved in our future plans.

Reddit user 2ndRoundEuroStash has explained the winger’s circumstances and how he can be perfectly utilized at Chelsea.

“I feel like with a full offseason and time to implement his own tactics without being in the middle of a season, I imagine we won’t be playing a 3-4-3 under Tuchel past this season.

“I could be wrong but I feel as if we’ve used this formation to completely stabilize our defense first and foremost. Again, I could be talking absolute nonsense, but it’s my belief that Ziyech could be much more involved in our future plans and not as much currently.”

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He further explained why Thomas Tuchel might change the 3-4-3 formation: “At both Dortmund and PSG he played with a back 4. As I said prior I believe the 3-4-3 was meant to stabilize the defense, I don’t think that’s what Tuchels optimal formation for his style of football is.

“I can clearly see a world where he has a full offseason to implement his tactics he would switch to what he has used successfully throughout his career which was a back 4.”

Another Reddit user Genedefiant6537 backed him up saying: “I agree. I think the wingbacks rob us of at least one attacking/creative player. Something needs to change to get Hakim Ziyech involved more.”

While a third kim_jong_un_no_dong adds: “Hakim Ziyech does his best work deeper than where we play him, somewhere between how forward an 8 and a 10 are so maybe he can flourish if we change our system, still though expected more from him this season.”

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