In 10 Years Chelsea Have Won More European Cups Than Arsenal, Tottenham & Liverpool Combined

In case you were living under a rock for the past week, now get it straight and come out from your dark world – Chelsea have won their 2nd Champions League titles in just 9 years.

As a result, Chelsea Football Club uploaded this image of our European trophy cabinet, and we must say that it’s a very good look for all Blues fans.

European Cups

Now, here is the breakdown of these trophies;

Champions League x2 (2012, 2021)

Europa League x2 (2013, 2019)

Cup Winners’ Cup x2 (1971, 1998)

Super Cup x1 (1998)

As can be seen above, Chelsea have claimed 4 European titles in the past 10 years, including 2 Champions League trophies and 2 Europa League trophies.

This means that the West London club have now won European trophies on more occasions than Arsenal, Tottenham, and Liverpool combined.

The three English clubs only share 1 European trophy among them in the past 10, thanks to Liverpool’s Champions League glory in the 2018-19 campaign.

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Meanwhile, Chelsea fans on Reddit loved this image as they discussed how we can add to this collection and how it’s great for the club to have achieved so much;

TheUntamedMane: “We should really target to win the Super Cup and Club WC this time. I know they aren’t top tiers, but it’s something to add to the collection.”

alx69: “I really want the CWC because it’s something we’ve never won before. I’m very much unbothered about the Super Cup though, would be nice to win I guess but if we don’t I’ll get over it as soon as I turn off the TV.”

braedonwnit: “Crazy to think we have 4 European cups in the last 10 years.”

ourtroversion: “I personally love how far our club has come that the two Europa leagues are sort of afterthoughts.”

chandlerbingstats: “only club in London. Actually… only club in Europe to have atleast 2 of those… hope we can beat Villareal in August.”

Chelsea will take on Villarreal on 11 August, with the Club World Cup likely set to take place in December.

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