Kepa Blamed For De Bruyne’s Goal For Man City Against Chelsea – Claims Blues Miss Mendy

Kepa was arguably the best player on the pitch for Chelsea against Man City, rising to the occasion whenever he was called upon.

The Spaniard couldn’t do much about Kevin De Bruyne’s goal, but a goalkeeping analyst has broken down why he was at fault for the winner.

De Bruyne went on an insane run, breaking a tackle and shuffling past defenders before uncorking one into the bottom corner.

Here’s How John Harrison on Twitter Explained It:

“Chelsea were always going to miss Mendy during AFCON and the KDB goal highlighted why, as Kepa’s weakness vs long shots was exposed.

“Kepa gambles & steps right pre-shot then fails to take a step left pre-dive thus a shot 1 yard from the corner beats him from 25 yards!”

Kepa Blamed For De Bruyne's Goal
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“Ideally initially he wouldn’t have gambled and guessed KDB was going near post and took the step to his right.

“But once he had done this he could’ve potentially rectified the situation by getting a quick power step left in before he dived in order to make it further across the goal.

“He was too far down the line of the ball (5 yards off his line) and cut vital reaction time meaning he felt he didn’t have time to get the predive step in.

“If he was 2.5yrds off his line instead he would’ve had a much better chance of making the save.”

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