Chelsea Legend Frank Lampard Names 2 Best Footballers He Has Ever Player With

Frank Lampard struggled to pick just one teammate when asked about the best he has ever played with; the Chelsea legend decided to name two players instead.

He told Gary Neville on the Overlap YouTube channel: “I always have to split this one between John [Terry] and Didier [Drogba].

“John was the leader, drove the dressing room, did all those things. Didier was the man for the big moments and I’d feel a miss to leave either of them out!”

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Neville also asked Lampard who the most competitive player in training was: “John Terry. Every day, at it, at the coach, at the ref who was the coach, at everyone and he pulled the club up when it needed by the scruff of the neck.”

Lampard has played with some legends like Steven Gerrard for the England national team and the likes of Sergio Aguero with Manchester City. However, we don’t think there were any doubts about his answer here!

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