Liverpool Could Be Awarded All 3 Points Against Manchester United With an FA Rule

Liverpool could be awarded all 3 points against Manchester United, according to West Ham outlets Claret and Hugh. The Red Devils’ clash against the Reds was postponed due to violent protests at Old Trafford by United fans.

Now according to the FA rulebook, quoting section 8.3.4: “In the event of a match being abandoned due to the conduct of one club or its members or supporters the Board has the power to order that the match is not replayed and to award either one or three points to the Club, not at fault.”

Thus, if Manchester United is found to be at fault in terms of not providing adequate security at Old Trafford, the Red Devils will be punished and Liverpool could be awarded all 3 points.

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The whole scenario started when anti-Glazers Manchester United fans broke into Old Trafford on at least two occasions as authorities struggled to cope with the melee.

Meanwhile, the protesters were later dispersed but the damage had already been as the game was canceled and many parts of Old Trafford got vandalized.

The Reds will climb to fifth on the league table if they get all 3 points against Manchester United.

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