Luke Shaw Hits Back At Jose Mourinho After Latest Criticism

Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, who is set to take over at AS Roma at the beginning of next season has continued to find faults with Luke Shaw’s performances despite seizing to be United’s manager since 2018.

The one difference, however, is that the left-back does not seem to be intimidated by him anymore as he hits back at his former boss in the press.

“He likes some, he doesn’t like others and I fell into the category where he didn’t like me,” Luke Shaw said about Jose Mourinho, as quoted by The Guardian. “I tried as hard as I could to get back on to his side but it never worked out, no matter what I did.

“There is no hiding that we didn’t get on. I think he was a brilliant manager but, you know, the past is the past. It is time to move on. I am trying to move on but, obviously, he can’t.”

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“He continuously talks about me, which I find quite strange. Even some of the lads have said: ‘What’s his problem?’ and: ‘Why does he keep talking?’

“He just needs to move on. Hopefully, he can find his peace with that and finally move on and stop worrying about me. Clearly, I am in his head a lot and he clearly thinks about me a lot.

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