Making a Pet Insurance Claim? Here’s How You’ll Get Your Money


Pet owners need to understand how their insurance works.


  • Pet insurance pays for covered veterinary care.
  • Most policies work the same way when it comes to paying claims.
  • Owners must make payments and receive compensation.

Pet insurance is very important for people who have animals in their lives. Pet insurance can help pet owners make sure they never have to deny their pets care for financial reasons.

But when buying pet insurance or making a claim to the parents of the animals it is important to understand exactly when and how the insurer pays the payment because it may be slightly different than with other types of insurance policies.

Here’s what pet owners need to know about their coverage.

This is how pet insurance is paid

If a person has health insurance, the insurer usually pays the service provider rather than directly to the patient. For example, if the person covered by the insurance goes to the doctor for an examination, the doctor invoices the insurance company and the insurer pays the doctor. The patient may also incur a surcharge or co-payment that is paid out of pocket – but the patient will not pay for other services covered by the insurer.

With most pet insurance policies things are different. Typically, a pet owner will pay for veterinary care out of pocket. After that, the pet owner will need to file a claim with the animal insurer – the veterinarian does not do this procedure for the insured. The insurer will then process the claim and reimburse the pet owner who has already paid for the treatment needed by the pet.

This is also different from some other types of insurance. For example, after a car accident, the car insurer usually pays for the repair before it is carried out or withdraws a check for a new car when the vehicle is finished before the insured buys one.

A pet owner must first pay for care because usually pet insurers require the owner to provide bills for services. The insurer can assess whether the concern has been covered and then send a check minus the amount of the deductible or any co-payments or co-insurance costs for which the owner was expected to be liable.

How to afford a vet bill while waiting for compensation

The fact that pet insurers pay for care after it has been provided can sometimes cause financial problems. This is because veterinarians usually want to receive money when services are provided, and pets must undergo treatment before the insurer pays. This means that a pet owner can pay a lot of money out of his pocket and have to wait for compensation.

If so, it may be a good idea to get prior approval for any treatment needed by the pet to be sure it is provided. If the pet owner is confident that the insurer will pay the bills, the ideal option is to pay them through savings and wait for compensation. If this is not possible, you can also use a credit card to cover the costs and then pay it off after payment. But it is very important to be sure that credit card bills are available in case of late payment or application rejection.

Pet owners may also want to look for an insurer that promises to process claims quickly to make sure they get money on the claim as soon as possible so they can spend money on caring for their pet without worrying about the short-term consequences for their financial stability.


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