Man City Fans Confess Their Love For N’Golo Kante Amid Ballon d’Or Links

N’Golo Kante has received praise from across the footballing world, including rivals’ fans. The French midfielder was selected as Man of the Match in Chelsea’s Champions League final win.

Speaking after Chelsea‘s Champions League final victory, with his humble words reflecting his brilliant character and personality, Kante said;

“We are really happy, very proud. It’s a result of a lot of effort together. Some good results, some bad, but we stayed together, we did very well in the second part of the season.

“The main thing is the fight we did together, the result we had, the win we had. And all together we fight for this result and this is beautiful to win this kind of title together.”

As always, fans picked up on Kante’s class and humility, here are some of the best reactions to the midfielder’s words via YouTube:

Rex Abruzzi: “Almost did it singlehandedly and said ‘together’ about 7 times!”

SamBoGan: “‘We’ and ‘Together’, the man doesn’t even know he’s the best in the WORLD!”

Pingu Penguin: “When everyone was Hugging and Kissing the CL trophy after collecting their Champions medal, this man just touched it and passed on. Chelsea FC is lucky to have him. He is more than any Champions League, any Cup. He is the real Prize and possession of Chelsea FC.”

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Jo_Ward: “It’s unbelievable seeing this type of player nowadays, he deserves everything and more but he probably believes he doesn’t abs the guy got a hell of an engine, he runs all over the pitch with a smile even while tackling, incredible player!”

Jungshi Jamir: “This man deserves a Ballon d’Or what a legend.”

Sandeep Swain: “He is one gem of a person. God bless him, most deserving to be a champion.”

Faimul: “I’m a City fan, Even still I can’t help but feel happy for this man.”

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