Mason Mount vs Billy Gilmour: 2 Chelsea Youngsters Tearing Euros Up Compared!

Chelsea’s brightest talents in Mason Mount and Billy Gilmour went head-to-head against one another during England’s 0-0 draw against Scotland with the latter surprisingly having the better outing as he scooped the Star of the Match award.

The encounter also saw a point where the duo was tussling for the ball and Mount, however, showed that he’s just a bit more developed currently in his career!

Here are some key stats from Gilmour in that game;

Billy Gilmour made the most passes for Scotland (44) while completing 90% of his passes.

He also made 2 successful challenges to silence the England’s midfielders.

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Below is a closer look at the incident when Billy Gilmour had to come against his senior club teammate Mason Mount in the thrilling draw.

Mason Mount vs Billy Gilmour Highlights

Tyrone Mings found Mount with a pass in midfield;

Mason Mount vs Billy Gilmour

Then Mount collected it, turning away from Gilmour who was marking him;

And losing the 20-year-old temporarily with a burst of acceleration;

Before Gilmour caught back up to him impressively;

However, Mason Mount managed to find Kane with the pass away;

In the end, the tussle was excellent viewing for Chelsea fans knowing that the two can continue to impress for the Blues for the next decade if they continue to blossom!

Who are you rooting for in this Euros?

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