The Meaning Of Olivier Giroud’s Bible Verse Under His Chelsea Jersey In CL Final Explained

Olivier Giroud didn’t end up being able to score in the Champions League final, but the Frenchman had a special message on underneath his jersey.

It was a Bible verse from Romans 8:37, which is known as ‘The abundant victory of love (more than conquerors).’

The message is one of camaraderie and overcoming through togetherness, and below is what it means;

“This is what it means to be more than a conqueror, to convert the enemy conquered into a friend and a helper.

“By overcoming and converting these enemies, we become more stronger and more rooted to fight every battle that comes against us, through Christ’s love.”

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Meanwhile, Olivier Giroud, in 2020, had accepted to become the editor of a magazine called ‘Jesus’ that came out in September 2020.

And indeed, Olivier Giroud’s faith has been rewarded as Chelsea were blessed with victory and the 2nd Champions League trophy in the club’s history.

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