Jose Mourinho Speaks For The First Time Since Being Sacked By Tottenham Hotspur

Jose Mourinho is back in the headlines already after being sacked by Tottenham Hotspur 6 days before their Carabao Cup final.

Mourinho addressed his potential job offers in what a usual controversial style, with the Portuguese dismissing jobs at Bayern Munich and PSG, citing their domestic dominance and lack of pressure as reasons he would never manage there.

“I have no plans, I am going on with my normal life. I feel fresh. I feel calm. I am on holiday,” Jose Mourinho said, as per the Daily Mail.

“I have more time to be doing my homework and analysis. I’ll wait to be back in football. Not just for the right club, but for the right culture. Maybe next season is premature, we will see.”

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Then speaking on potential job opportunities, the former Chelsea and Manchester United boss added, “In Germany and France, if you go to club A (Bayern) or club B (PSG), you know your destiny is written immediately. In England it is competition at the highest level. That attracted me.

“It’s all about the pressure. I want it. I would choose pressure, always. I refuse to go to a country where the pressure doesn’t exist. I refuse!”

Jose Mourinho is currently signed with talKSPORT and The Sun to cover the Euros over the summer and it will be curious to see where the Portuguese ends up managing next.

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