Neves Finally Breaks His Silence On Pogba Clash During Wolves Vs United Game

Manchester United got away with a narrow win against Wolves at Molineux Stadium on Sunday. However, one moment in the game that led to the United goal saw Paul Pogba appears to have kicked Wolves midfielder, Ruben Neves.

Speaking after the game Neves shared his own part of the story;

“Everyone saw it, everyone saw my leg, we always do meetings and everything with referees about VAR, I don’t know why,” ranted Ruben Neves during his post-match interview.

“They said before the season started they will look for contact – if the contact is strong enough, they will give the foul. I think maybe because last game it was a foul before the Southampton goal [Bruno Fernandes not getting the decision], maybe now they did the opposite.

“I showed my leg to the ref, I showed to the assistant ref, I cannot say anything more.”

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The Wolves midfielder added: “After the game, he [Mike Dean] said ‘you both go to the ball’ and I said ‘yes, we both go to win the ball but I was the one who touched the ball’. It’s a foul, a clear foul.”

Meanwhile, Pogba had earlier denied making any contact with Neves during the bust-up on the field.

It was a scrappy win for Manchester United but ultimately, it’s only the three points that count.

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