Paul Pogba Puts Away Heineken Beer Bottle In France Press Conference After Germany Win

Manchester United and French midfielder Paul Pogba was displeased to see a Heineken beer bottle placed in front of him during the post-match press conference after France’s 1-0 win over Germany.

The Man of the Match winner took the bottle aside to the ground before taking part in the press conference – following Cristiano Ronaldo – who recently removed two Coca-Cola bottles and urged everyone to ‘drink water’

As a devout Muslim, alcohol is ‘haram’ or forbidden for Pogba.

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Despite Heineken being one of the major sponsors of Euro 2020, the Frenchman had to stay true to his faith and put it away.

Meanwhile, Paul Pogba shone in France’s Euro 2020 opener on Tuesday, playing a huge role in setting up the winner and running the show from the middle of the park.

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