Just In: The Punishment English FA Could Dish Out For Bruno Fernandes Revealed After Liverpool Incident

The 7-0 battering at the hands of Liverpool was certainly not one of Bruno Fernandes’ finest moments.

He’s been criticized for his poor performance and constant moaning. To make matters worse, he also appeared to push a linesman during the game.

Some may argue that it wasn’t so much a push but rather a tap on the back. Any sort of physical contact with match officials is frowned upon though.

So, will the Manchester United midfielder face a ban by the FA for his act?

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As per the Daily Mail, that will likely not be the case right now. Neither referee Andy Madley nor his assistants made note of it in their match report.

However, the Daily Mirror claims that’s not enough for Bruno to be let off the hook. Although no match officials reported the incident, the FA could still take retroactive disciplinary action if they think it’s necessary.

The FA is reportedly set to investigate the incident which began with Bruno trying to win the ball back from Trent Alexander-Arnold.

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