Mino Raiola Opens Up On Potential Pogba-Hazard Swap Deal

The notorious agent believes there is still a chance for Paul Pogba to join Real Madrid in the future, citing that Zidane is Pogba’s childhood hero.

When asked about whether Paul Pogba can still secure a move to Real Madrid, Mino Raiola told AS: “I don’t know. I think nothing is impossible, but football depends on the day. Just like that. And you need to be flexible to think about all the possibilities.

“What if tomorrow Madrid wants to do a swap, Hazard for Pogba. It’s just an example. And it all four parties like it, why not?”

“With Pogba, what’s really important too is what Manchester United wants, what project they are proposing for Pogba. Pogba has always been interested in one thing, winning the Champions League, titles, that’s his objective. And we’ll see if that’s possible at United or at other big European clubs.”

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So, why is Paul Pogba not already at Real Madrid?

“It’s a question for Madrid. At one time, Pogba felt a lot of love for, and trust in, United, and there are various other clubs…

“Afterwards, it’s really hard for United and Madrid to reach an understanding on a massive transfer because big clubs don’t like selling great players to other big clubs. And I’m not going to kid you, for Pogba, playing at Madrid was always a really attractive option, because of Zidane too. He’s Pogba’s childhood hero.”

Meanwhile, Eden Hazard has experienced a disastrous period at Real Madrid since joining Los Blancos in 2019 and being out of action for the majority of the last two years struggling to overcome his injury woes.

Pogba, on the other hand, has been in excellent form in 2021 for Man United providing 4 assists and scoring 1 goal in April.

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