Ralf Rangnick Finally Clears Air On Rumors Of Manchester United Squad Unrest

“I can only tell you about the squad, locker room, coaching staff,” said Ralf Rangnick when asked about rumors of a ‘squad unrest’ at Manchester United.

“Everybody was very disappointed not only about result [against Wolves] but also performance.

“They [the players] are at least trying. I am sure they are listening.

“I think we showed in the last games that they’re trying to follow the advice we give. We conceded less goals than before. But it is about balance between offense and defense.”

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The interim boss added: “We concede fewer goals than before, an average of 1.7 per game that we have conceded so far – 0.6 in those games.

“Yes, still, it’s about balance. We need to find the best possible balance between offense and defense, and this is something we have to get better at.”

Reports have claimed that there are at least 17 ‘unhappy’ first-team players at the club, particularly due to a lack of game time.

With several players out of contract at the end of the season, a clear-out is needed to restore balance and harmony within the squad.

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