Camera Footage Reveals Fans Epic Reaction To Thiago Silva’s Goalline Clearance

Thiago Silva is 37 years old and is toying with people way younger than him at the biggest club stage of them all.

The center-back was at his best last night and the highlight of his game came in the first half when he cleared Alvaro Morata’s shot from just near the goal line to keep Chelsea’s 1-0 lead intact.

A fan, prettymofoka @ Reddit, caught the moment on camera from a very good view:

Reaction To Thiago Silva's Goalline Clearance

She then recorded her own reaction to this epic moment and it sums up the reaction of the entire Chelsea fanbase if we’re being honest!

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The fans around her started chanting: “Oh, Thiago Silvaaa” in appreciation of the dominant center-back.

The woman then turned the camera back and said: “I hope he’s fine, but what a f****ng block that was, what a block!”

Silva was down for a minute after crashing into the net but stood back up and was able to continue with the game as Chelsea kept a clean sheet.

As a bonus, look at the Juventus players who were appealing to the ref to award the goal when the ball wasn’t even close to the line!

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