Chelsea Fans React To Romelu Lukaku’s New Chelsea Jersey Number

With Romelu Lukaku about to sign for Chelsea, Blues fans are excited to see what number he takes upon his return to the club.

Having worn the 9 for both Inter and Belgium, and considering that Tammy might leave, it seems like a no-brainer for the striker to take that number.

However, some Chelsea fans feel strongly about Lukaku perhaps wearing another number to avoid the so-called ‘curse’ of the No. 9 jersey at the club.

Below is a look at comments from some of our own Blues family:

Prince Ajibade David Oyeniran: “I think no 18 will be better for Lukaku.”

Nana Nimakoh Dennis: “How I wish Drogba‘s Jersey number is given to Lukaku. But by the way, let’s give him the 14 number. Hope Bakayoko will leave?”

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King1: “He should not wear no. 9. He has to check for those strikers that do well in Chelsea none of them put on no. 9.

“I prefer 39. Look at the careers of those who put on no.9 in Chelsea. Crespo, Morata, Torres, Franco di Santo and so many more.”

Hammed Ganiyu: “I don’t want Lukaku to wear 9 ooo please give him another number.”

Temitope Elijah: “Can’t we cancel this No. 9 thing if its a curse, let’s forget it and use another number please.”

Not all the fans agreed, however, with Forever Blue putting forth a very pertinent point, saying: “The Jersey number means a lot to players, but it’s their performance wearing the jersey which matters most.

“Even if Lukaku wears #100 and still bangs in 40 goals, who cares?”

In summary, should the Belgian come in and plays his usual prolific brand of football, Chelsea should be just fine.

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