Why Cristiano Ronaldo Blocked Transfermarkt On Social Media Finally Revealed

Players’ valuations at Transfermarkt might not always be accurate, but some of the stars of the game appear to take it very seriously.

Here’s a story of how Cristiano Ronaldo took issue with his own value several years ago, as told by Transfermarkt’s coordinator of market values Christian Schwarz and Transfermarkt’s UK manager Daniel Busch.

“Age is now one of the most important factors,” Schwarz told The Athletic when he describe how they determine the players’ value.

“And Cristiano Ronaldo is old, same with Lionel Messi, and they will get their value reduced just because of their age. Even if they are just as good as three years ago, they are three years older.”

Busch added: “We put a list on Instagram with 10 players, 33 and older, and Ronaldo was still in first place in value, but he said he must be worth much more.”

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Schwarz continued: “He sent a message first to our social media guys. They answered him, explained why, and told him, ‘The people in your age group, you are by far the number one’.

“It was £30-50 million difference [between Ronaldo and the next player on the list], and then he sent some smilies, and then he blocked us.”

Ironically, at £31.5 million, Ronaldo is not even the top valued player in that age category anymore.

That would be Messi at £54 million, followed by Robert Lewandowski at £45 million. It does not look like Cristiano is going to unblock them any time soon.

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