Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Explains Why He’s The Greatest Player Of All-Time

“It’s hard to say that I don’t want more, because if I’m at a club that gives me the opportunity to win more things, why not?” Cristiano Ronaldo told DAZN when asked about his plans for the future.

“And in the national team too. I know I don’t have many years left playing, four or five more, we’ll see, and I want to win more things.

“You have to be intelligent and know that at 18, 20, or 25 you are not the same as at 35. And that is the maturity, the experience, the intelligence to understand that maybe you lose some things to win others and have the right balance to continue competing and be at the highest level.

“That’s not easy, but it seems like it to me, because I show year after year that the numbers speak for themselves. I don’t have to tell you that I’m very good, because the numbers are there.”

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“The facts are facts, the rest is not. It doesn’t matter at all. That’s why I’m very happy with my form, I’m still scoring goals, helping people, teams, both in the national team and at Manchester United and that’s why I want to continue like this.”

Ronaldo who has turned 37 years old has scored 15 goals this season so far, including six goals in the Champions League that played a key part in Man United’s progression to the knockout stage. Last season, however, he netted 34 goals for Juventus.

His second spell at Old Trafford has been controversial so far, however. Questions constantly arise whether he fits into Ralf Rangick’s system and meshes well with the rest of the squad.

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