Cristiano Ronaldo Inspires Manchester United To a Thrilling 3-2 Comeback Win In UCL

It may be a horrible cliche, but that was indeed a game of two halves. Before the break, Man United were arguably at their worst under Solskjaer, and Atalanta did not need to be too good to score twice.

United’s defense was flaky, midfield lacked creativity, and forward wasted those chances that came to them through long balls.

In the second half, not much changed before everything changed. It was not a classic display, but United did show a reaction.

Rashford finally beat the goalkeeper, Maguire scored but it was not a header – and then Cristiano did what Cristiano does, scoring the winner.

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The win should not paper over the cracks – Solskjaer did not field the right team from the beginning, and it’s debatable how much he influenced the game through the subs. But at least, the players have not given up on him.

It is indeed another scrappy win from the Red Devils and they should be questions of whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be kept faith with at Old Trafford.

However, it’s good for the team to escape with that all-important victory after going 2 goals down in the first half.

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