Cristiano Ronaldo Replies To Alex Ferguson On His Advice To Move Into Coaching After Retiring

During their joint interview with Man United club media, Sir Alex Ferguson gave his opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo becoming a future manager and said: “I always feel that the area that I didn’t enjoy was the 45 minutes before kick-off when the team are out there warming up and I’m doing nothing.

“I’m sitting in my office and I want the game to start right there. I can’t because the team are doing their warm-up. You’re lonely. You’re on your own. I was sitting in my office on my own watching television while they’re doing their warm-up.

“That was the only spell I didn’t enjoy. Once the game started, fantastic. It’s true.. you’ll (Ronaldo) become a coach one day.”

Cristiano gave an interesting response, replying: “Maybe not! I don’t know.”

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Ronaldo has already shown traits of being a potential future manager. He acted as one during Portugal’s Euro 2016 win and has also been seen actively motivating his teammates from the sidelines since returning to Man United.

The gaffer and Ronaldo’s joint interview was a really heartwarming one, in which Sir Alex recalled the Portuguese winger’s debut for United and Cristiano hailed him as a ‘father figure’.

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