Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals The Greatest Footballer He Has Ever Played Against

In his piece for the Daily Mail, British journalist Piers Morgan reveals one of his conversations with Cristiano Ronaldo in which they discussed Leo Messi.

“‘Who’s the greatest footballer you’ve ever played against?’ (…)

“‘Messi,’ he replied, immediately and emphatically.

“‘Really?’ I said, surprised that he would name his biggest rival.

“‘For sure. He is the best I’ve played against.’

“Then he grinned. ‘But Piers, you are asking me the wrong question’.

“‘OK. What’s the right question?’

“‘You should just ask me who is the greatest player…’

“‘I think I know the answer,’ I replied, laughing. Ronaldo winked and we clinked glasses.”

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It’s a known fact that Ronaldo considers himself to be the best player to have ever existed, which Piers Morgan confirms.

But whatever Cristiano thinks of himself, at least he recognizes the greatness of Messi. Despite the media rivalry between the two, it appears that they have massive respect for each other.

In total, Messi and Ronaldo faced off 36 times in their career. The Paris Saint-Germain man won 16 of the duels and lost 11 while nine matches ended in draws.

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