Rooney Finally Reveals Ugly Thing He Did To Hurt Chelsea Players In 2006, Chelsea Legend Responds!

Wayne Rooney has admitted that he wanted to really hurt a Chelsea player during Man United’s Premier League title-decider against Chelsea in the 2005/06 season.

Speaking to PA News Agency, he said: “I changed my studs before the game.

“Until my last game for Derby, I always wore the old plastic studs with the metal tip.

“For that game, I changed them to big, long metal ones – the maximum length you could have because I wanted to try and hurt someone.

“I put longer studs in because I wanted to hurt someone. If Chelsea won a point, they won the league. At that time, I couldn’t take it.

“John Terry left the stadium on crutches. I left a hole in his foot and then I signed my shirt to him after the game… and a few weeks later I sent it to him and asked for my stud back.”

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John Terry saw this on Twitter and responded, tweeting: “@WayneRooney is this when you left your stud in my foot?”

The Chelsea captain clearly seems to have taken it in good humor and has no grudges against Rooney for that incident.

Wayne had a bit of a mean streak in him during his initial years at United and was known to get quite physical on the pitch.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t really make the necessary impact as Chelsea won the game 3-0 and clinched the 2005/06 league title.

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