Roy Keane Sends Honest message to Solskjaer and Fred After City humiliation

While talking to Sky Sports after Man United 2-0 humiliation at the hands of Manchester City, Roy Keane said: “You’re going into a match with players and you’re looking over your shoulder on the bus, and you see [Luke] Shaw, [Harry] Maguire, Fred. And you’re going, ‘my job depends on these guys’. Then you’re in trouble.

“You still want your players to do their job. You’ve got international players: Shaw there, you’ve got Maguire, you’ve got [Eric] Bailly.

“Midfield… Fred. Fred’s playing for Manchester United. Fred!

“Anyone who tells me Fred is good enough for Manchester United is living in cuckoo land. And that is an important part of the football pitch.”

The former Red Devil continued: “If Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] walked in here now, I’d grab him and I’d go, ‘why are you playing Fred?’

“For all managers have to make their own decisions, they work with the players day in day out, I would look at him and go, ‘why are you playing Fred in the middle of the park’, huge position for Manchester United.”

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Perhaps, Keane is not quite far from the truth as Shaw and Maguire were at fault for Bernardo Silva’s goal while Fred was woefully outplayed by better midfielders.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that Solskjaer‘s methods are clearly not working consistently enough to win anything in the future.

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