Thiago Silva Explains Why He Is Called ‘The Monster’ In Brazil

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva has a peculiar nickname in Brazil. The 36-year-old goes by the moniker ‘O Monstro’ or ‘The Monster’.

The veteran defender was asked by the Chelsea website how he came about such a nickname and here is what he has to answer;

“Firstly, it was because of the good performances I’d put in, and due to the confidence that not only I, but all of the defense was giving to our goalkeeper,” he responded.

“Actually, it was not the fans who came up with that nickname, it was the goalkeeper, Fernando Henrique [dos Anjos].

“He was the one who came up with that nickname after a move from the opposition in which I made a good recovery and was able to prevent them from scoring.

“Then, he looked at me and said ‘Nice one, Monster!’ Then the fans heard that through the microphones behind the goal and started calling me Monstro,” Thiago Silva added.

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Apparently, being labelled a monster in football has a complimentary connotation compared to when someone in society is named such.

We have seen some similar scenarios in the past when a player is referred to as a monster in football. For instance, Frank Lampard hailed Didier Drogba as ‘a monster in the dressing room‘ when the legend retired in 2018.

Similarly, Jurgen Klopp said his team had a monster mentality after they lifted the Premier League last year!

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