UK Police Officer Finally Explains The Prison Term Mason Greenwood Could Get

A member of the United Kingdom police force, PCDorisThatcher explained what the future could hold for Mason Greenwood IF found guilty of ‘rape, assault and threats to kill’.

Writing on Reddit, the officer explained: “Unlike the US, we don’t tend to do consecutive sentencing.

“So, IF he’s found guilty of more than one of these offenses, he will do time for them all at once and get out of prison once the longest sentence has been served.

“IF he’s found guilty of rape, the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

“The reality is that he won’t receive this sentence due to his age, first conviction, potential early guilty plea, and other mitigating factors we don’t know about.

“What could aggravate it is the fact that he’s in the public eye, any other historic rapes that the victim reports to police, and his behavior between now and when he’s sentenced.”

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“Unfortunately, rape is a very difficult offense to convict for, which is what causes the abysmally low conviction rates in this country.

“I’m not a betting man but I would suggest his defense will be ‘it was rough play, she consented’. The trial then becomes an attempt to prove she didn’t consent.”

The Manchester United forward, 20, has been released on bail this Wednesday but is not absolved of the charges.

The Manchester United forward will continue to be investigated ahead of going into trial sometime later this year.

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